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If you’re over 50 years old and haven’t taken out a life insurance policy for yourself, you might be putting your family’s financial future at risk. Over50sCover can help you find a suitable insurance policy that will keep your loved ones protected when the most dreaded event comes, giving you the peace of mind. To get started, just fill in our 30 second form so one of our experts can respond with a FREE quote.

While it pays to have a life insurance policy while you are still young and healthy, an over 50s insurance is perfect if you haven’t gotten one already, and can even give you just the right amount of cover for your needs. We understand that most people are uncomfortable talking about their deaths which is why, sometimes, it could take a while before they realize the importance of having insurance. If like most people, you don’t know where to start, we will do the job for you! Call us TOLL FREE and you will be guided by one of our over 50s insurance experts.


Who we Are?

Over50sCover can help you compare between hundreds of insurance policies in the UK market. We have helped thousands of people arrange a proper policy that offers the best protection for their families. We are composed of a team of insurance specialists with years of experience in the industry. We have established trusted relationships with some of the best insurance providers in the market and know exactly what you are looking for.

We can bring you closer to a wide variety of insurance options that are more affordable than if you have gone direct. Because of our partnerships with these insurers, we are able to negotiate for awesome discounts that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Our comparison service is FREE to use and requires no obligation. Most importantly, we are FSA regulated so you can rest assured that all the insurance providers we work with are the most reputable in the industry.

What is an Over 50s Insurance?

An over 50s insurance is a life insurance policy designed for people who are aged 50-80 and who want to leave a precious lump sum money for their families once they die. The death benefits are tax-free, and can be used to cover for your remaining medical bills, debts, funeral costs, or simply be left as a generous inheritance for your beneficiaries. You’ll have absolute control in whatever you intend the money for, so you can rest assured that they can be used according to your desired purpose.

While no monetary value could ever amount to the life you spent on this world, leaving a certain amount of cash to your loved ones could at least help ease some financial burden. It can never make them forget the pain for your loss, but it could limit the impact of death expenses from even worsening their hardships.

Who is it for?

Over 50s insurance is suitable for any UK resident between the ages 50-80 with dependents who are likely to struggle financially on their untimely demise.  The insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that they’ll have something to live or remember you by once you depart.

It’s also perfect for those whose health conditions have declined due to old age. While traditional life insurers might refuse to give you cover upon discovering your poor health, over 50’s insurance guarantees that you will obtain the coverage you need because there are no medical exams you have to undergo.
No matter where life takes you, death will always ring a sound of fear, which is why many people have this fear of talking about death or life insurance. But in reality, you have to accept that death is an inevitable force that you should prepare for, if you want to at least pass peacefully knowing that your entire family’s future is secured.

What are the benefits of having an Over 50s Life Insurance?

One main benefit of an over 50s insurance is that unlike normal life insurances, there are no medical exams, so you are guaranteed acceptance no matter if you have a poor medical condition. This can ensure that you will be given the appropriate cover that you need anytime in your golden years.

Another is that the policy will pay out a tax-free, lump sum payment for your family. You may be able to choose your beneficiaries during the application stage. You can also arrange for the funeral costs to be paid in advance, so that your dependents will have nothing to worry about anymore.

How it Works?

The process of getting an over 50s insurance policy doesn’t get any simpler than this:

First, we ask you to fill our FREE online form in order to submit your contact details. Please note that we will only use your personal information as a means to get back with you with a FREE quote. We will never share your details to anyone without your permission.

Next, upon receiving your request, you will hear from one of our over 50s insurance specialists within minutes. Our service will compare hundreds of policies and you will be matched to the best provider which has the most suitable offer for your individual needs.

All that would be left to do is finalize your policy. There are no medical checks so you won’t have to worry about getting denied. You can assign your beneficiaries early on, and most importantly, you can control how you want the money to be used.

Our company was started with you, our customers, in mind. Our team is here to walk you through the process of getting an over 50s insurance policy and will make sure to be on your constant support from day one to the very end.

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